Hello, this blog is about girls with unique beauty. Im hoping for this blog to be a big success! I will do the best i can to make this blog good. But for the first month im need yalls help to promo, the blog. I dont discriminate i will put up all kinds of bueaty and skin colors. I will change the side bar picture every month :) so you may never know your picture might be on here someday. I usually notify the person to let them know that i'm using there picture. <3 BTW i dont own any of the pictures ;) unless i state other wise.

EXTRA INFO: I will now be taking pics from guys now :D BUT i will only post them on Thursdays!

Look at the background and you all will see this winners pic. i usually change it every month or so. :) She is the wonderful miss Kristarae.

This is another great blog to submit to: http://beautifulpeopleblog.tumblr.com/